Deluxe Birthday Ecards

Deluxe Birthday eCards

Our DELUXE FUNNY BIRTHDAY eCARDS consist of funny Puppet videos that have already been recorded but can customized by adding the sender's and the recipient's name to the message. They are delivered within 24-48 hours.


THE DELUXE  BIRTHDAY eCARD SERIES  features Fenix's mishaps while trying to record your message.This series is much funnier and longer than the THE BASIC SERIES AND THE BASIC SERIES PLUS videos. The videos in THE DELUXE BIRTHDAY eCARD SERIES are customized with both your name and the recipient's name at the beginning and at the end of the video, and also the recipient's name in the Happy Birthday song itself. The videos in this series are about 2 minutes long, although the time of each video may change depending on the card you select. 

What are you waiting for? Make someone smile NOW!


Still not convinced?

I get it! You love these videos but you would like something unique for that special person in your life! If that is the case and you want our puppets to deliver your own personalized puppet message, then check this out.

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