Custom-Made Puppet Videos

We specialize in creating custom-puppet videos for companies and individuals as well.  These videos can display one puppet or more, depending on your needs. 

Single Puppet Video Productions are custom made videos created for you and you only. You just tell us what you want your puppet to say, and that's it! It's one puppet in front of the screen delivering your message. You are not limited to greetings or any messages like the ones above. These videos could be used for business presentations, HR training, Advertising or maybe to surprise someone you care about! It's really up to you! Just tell us what you want and we'll make your dream come true! 

Click here to see more of our single Puppet Video Productions or to order your own

Multiple Puppet Video Productions are custom made videos but with two or more puppets. We can create stories, commercials, role-playings or anything you want. Like in the Single Puppet Video productions, you just tell us what you need, give us a script or let us create one for you and once you give us the green light we can get to work on your project. 

Click here to see more Multiple Puppet Video Productions or to order your own 

We reserve the right not to accept any type of work that we consider offensive or that promotes any type of hatred or discrimination whatsoever. Offensive language may be allowed as long as it is bleeped and does not promote hatred and/or discrimination.

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